About Us

Ultra LawnUltra-Lawn started business in 1997 and was located at 840 Canal Street, Rathdrum, ID.  Beginnings were frugal with no employees.  We purchased one used truck and ran the whole business from our tiny living room.  At the time, David (Gibson) did all aspects of the business from the actual mowing and fertilizing to billing and accounts payable.

David (Gibson) began his lawn care career while in college.  While in Illinois for the summer, he was hired by a lawn care company called For-Green Lawn Care as an applicator.  While in their employ, he obtained his Illinois Applicators License and did all phases of lawn care.  Upon returning to college in Missoula, Montana, David expanded his license and continued his career with Nitro-Green; a national franchise.

Transferring with the company to Post Falls in 1993, he continued with Nitro-Green until Ultra-Lawn’s inception in 1997.  David completes annual continuing education classes and training seminars through the Department of Agriculture and with “green” business partners such as Wilbur Ellis (chemical supplier) to insure that he is always up to date with changing application laws and pesticides/herbicides.  15 credit hours are required every two years to maintain an Idaho Applicators License.

Linda has a government/business background working for The Governor for The State of Illinois; The Illinois Department of Revenue and the Illinois Secretary of State.  Locally, she was a successful mortgage banker at both First Security Bank and Mountain West Bank respectively  before becoming the CEO at Ultra-Lawn in 2003.  David and Linda have been married since 1991.

Linda is from Illinois and her family has a sizable farming operation there.  While dating and enrolled in college, David spent the summer with Linda’s family in Illinois and became acquainted with Dave Fornoff, a local anhydrous ammonia/fertilizer supplier that the farm purchases from every season.  Dave’s son, Grant Fornoff, owned and operated For-Green Lawn Care; and the rest, they say, is history.

Our business was started out of necessity.  David’s long-time boss, the franchise owner of Nitro-Green, unfortunately had some serious health issues and sold the business in 1997.  Faced with working for another large, national franchise, we collectively decided that we would rather try business for ourselves.

Immediately we knew we wanted our business to be credible and have great longevity and so we thought long and hard about a business name.  We didn’t want a generic “Dave’s Lawn Care” and we wanted a name that clearly stated what the company did.  Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary defines “ultra”:  Going beyond others, or beyond due limit; extreme; uncompromising.   We knew immediately that “Ultra-Lawn” was in business!

Our logo is a join effort:  David’s idea and graphics hand drawn by Linda.  We feel that it has a professional and appealing appearance,  even after all these years,  and people constantly tell us that they see us everywhere.


“Why settle for just a lawn…when you can have an Ultra-Lawn”