3 Questions To Ask Snow Removal Contractors

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Snow Removal Services

Asking the right questions can make the difference between elation and disaster for homeowners and business owners alike. Going with the ‘lowest bid’ hardly gets the job done anymore; consider the “price” verses the “value” of the service.

Before contracting with your next snow removal company, ask them these questions – and get verifiable answers that make sense.

  1. Does the company have insurance (General liability insurance specifically covering snow removal operations)?
  2. How long has the firm been operating?
  3. How will the company communicate with you & how will you be billed?

We honestly feel that if you ask each contractor these same questions, and are diligent in verifying each of their answers, you will decide to do business with us. Sound like a big statement? IT IS! Not all snow removal companies are created equal.

Our experienced property maintenance estimator will come to your business or home and perform a complete and thorough estimate at no cost or obligation to you. In addition to the price, our estimate will include all of the elements necessary for you to make an informed and proper decision.

Our estimators will work on your timeline, being available to stop by your business or home during the day, at night or on the weekends at your convenience.

Once we receive your quote request, we will contact you within 24 hours or feel free to call us at one of the numbers listed below for immediate assistance.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you!

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