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How To Prevent Snow Mold In Your Lawn

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Lawn Care Tips, Spring Tips | Comments Off on How To Prevent Snow Mold In Your Lawn

Prevent Snow Mold in Your Lawn As winter is coming to an end, we long to see green grass again.  As the snow melts, you look out at your newly exposed lawn, to find grayish circles all over it. Gray snow mold loves the cold, and grows on your lawn when snow has been on the ground for an extended period of time. It will also grow under layers of leaves over the winter. Below are a few preventive tips so you can reduce the likelihood that your lawn will be attacked by this disease. Before It Snows Mow your Lawn Tall grass is a breeding ground for grey snow mold. You do not want to mow your grass down too short, but it does need to be cut it a little shorter than usual before the snow arrives, which can do a lot to prevent a snow mold problem. Rake or Mulch the Leaves A thick layer of leaves creates an environment for this  mold to grow in. In the fall, rake leaves up or use your lawnmower to mulch the fallen leaves into the lawn. Use Lawn care products with Low amounts Nitrogen Some lawn care products contain a lot of fast-release nitrogen to promote a quick green-up of your lawn. Nitrogen can promote the growth of grey mold caused from snow. Using a low-nitrogen, slow-release lawn food made for winter feeding. If Your Lawn Has Gray Snow Mold If the weather warms up after the snow melts the disease should go away on its own. If the temperatures stay around 30-40 degrees, the mold will continue to grow and make your lawn more diseased. Once the temperatures do warm up, rake out any dead grass and reseed patches as needed. Call...

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