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Ground Sterileant

ground sterileant used for a clear walkway

Can you picture never having to weed again? It’s every gardener, landowner or property manager’s fantasy.

Well now, Ultra Lawn is here to turn this dream into a reality you can live in with our ground sterileant services. Most home owners resort to an herbicide labeled to kill unwanted plants. However, these weed control substances can also inadvertently affect the healthy part of your lawn. That’s why we believe it’s important to understand how these products work and when to use them.

What is a ground Sterileant?

A ground sterileant is a “complete kill”
product that soaks into the soil for long
periods, sometimes for 10 or more years depending on the environment. Unfortunately, these herbicides have the potential to unintentionally cause
considerable damage to healthy plants.

These sterileants are often called “bare-ground”
herbicides, because they are used to remove all
vegetation from wherever applied. Unlike pre-emergent weed control,
which only prevents sprouting seeds, soil
sterilants will kill all existing

It’s important to keep in mind that although these herbicides will kill unwanted plants, if applied incorrectly you will damage surrounding vegetation. For example, Tree roots can extend far from trees, and ground sterilants can adversely affect trees through their roots. That’s why we recommend calling a professional like Ultra Lawn to properly apply a ground sterileant that does no more damage that you intended it to.

Where to use a soil Sterileant?

Soil sterilants are meant to use on areas that are likely to receive lots of foot traffic. Such places might include industrial areas, parking lots, roadways, and walkways where unwanted weeds could cause damage.